Circular Consulting, LLC was formed in 2007 by Brian Egana, President, and Chief Executive and Financial Officer. Our organization uses the Representative Constituent Model which focuses primarily on addressing client interests and needs. Our members possess excellent interpersonal skills and are experts at conveying the interests and objectives of those we represent to vital stakeholders, giving our clients the competitive advantage. The professionals of Circular offer those we serve the possibility of establishing lucrative, long-term business relationships in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area and the Gulf Coast Region, and the confidence in knowing that we are accountable, and that the job can, and will be done!


Recognized as an effective local government relations liaison, Circular Consulting, LLC has earned a reputation for identifying and quickly resolving bureaucratic impasses that result in employing hundreds of local workers in large municipal projects. We provide a wide-range of business consulting measures and have proven effective in governmental relations. A definitive component to our organization’s success has been our ability to create coalitions of elected officials and invested stakeholders.  We are experts at assessing a group’s legislative needs in order to properly research and prepare briefs that can advance a party’s goals by drafting and advocating legislation for funding. Our members can bridge the communication divide between our client’s missions and the projects to be achieved.


Circular Consulting, LLC also has extensive experience with respect to compliance monitoring for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  Our associates work to ensure that CDBG program funds are appropriately utilized to provide services to our most vulnerable communities, through the creation of jobs, by the expansion and retention of businesses, and in providing affordable housing. We follow a detailed plan which encourages citizen participation. Circular has taken the lead in coordinating, organizing, and hosting community charrettes emphasizing participation by persons of the intended impact area of these designated CDBG funds.


Just as the CDBG program is an important tool for helping local governments tackle serious challenges facing neighborhoods, outstanding compliance monitoring and reporting is also crucial, and has been a principal of Circular Consulting, LLC. Our team plays an integral part in assuring that grantees are developed, and that they are also met. 


In addition to managing consulting needs and completing an array of numerous successful projects, Circular Consulting, LLC supervised the largest, single transformation of public housing in the history of the United States. Our company has provided program, project, and construction management support for budgets upwards of $100 million, and continues to be a key player in infrastructure, development, management, and compliance, just to name.